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​Fill-up this form to book an Appointment with Dr. Shounak



​In case of an EMERGENCY do NOT wait. Visit your nearest hospital as soon as possible.


  • Fill up the form completely

  • Prescription will be delivered at your email address and WhatsApp number

  • After a successful form submission you will receive a payment link at your email address and mobile number.

  • After a successful payment the consultation will start shortly

  • For more information visit the following pages​.

​In case of any doubt and query fill free to contact us .

Online Safety : Please carefully examine every details before you do anything.

We will not contact you unless you have contacted us first , or you have booked an appointment with us. All communications will be from email address ending with or ​or the WhatsApp number given in our contact us page.

Look carefully before sending any sensitive information.

There will be no discount available, so if anybody is offering you any discounts on behalf of us , don't believe and inform us immediately. Stay safe online.

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